Please consider donating to one or more of these charities. 

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Ukrainian Women's Fund

The Ukrainian Women’s Fund (UWF) is the only women’s fund in Ukraine and has been supporting women’s rights/feminist organizations, as well as the women’s rights movement and gender equality for twenty consecutive years. UWF supports women’s rights/feminist organizations by issuing grants, sharing information, providing training, and other resources.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW Mission Statement: Fresh thinking and bold action for animals, people, and the place we call home. Rescues, rehabilitates, and releases animals, and restores and protects their natural habitats.


Reach children where needs are greatest, immediately respond when emergencies strike, invest in innovative solutions to the problems and advocate for their well being.


Urals bring smiles to people's faces! 

Whenever I'm out on my Ural, someone inevitably stops me to ask about the bike and what it's like to ride with a sidecar. In the Ural world, it's something we affectionately refer to as the Ural Delay Factor, and it provides wonderful opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life. 

Riding a bike that harkens back to WWII and the Soviet Union during these days of Russia's illegitimate war on Ukraine, however, has prompted me to think about how I can use my Ural to help out in some way. I came up with the idea for Urals4Ukraine, hoping that the attention the bike attracts will direct people to this site. Please check out and consider contributing to one of the charities I've listed above or find your own way to stand up against tyranny. 


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